Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PETA vs Ringling Brothers: Virtual Hyper Awesome Battle!!!!

Okay. I just read this article, and all I can say is wow. To paraphrase: PETA is trying to stop Ringling Brothers from releasing their video game, because Ringling Brothers is "looking to take its cruelty to animals virtual."

Well, shit the bed, where else should cruelty to animals be? If I want to whip a lion or force a bear to ride a tricycle by nailing his feet to the pedals, I sure as shit think it's a better idea to do it in a virtual environment than in real life, to a real bear, that could really die.

They already attacked Cooking Mama, for the asinine reason that "Cooking Mama kills animals". I guess we're not supposed to know that the meat called "Turkey" is coming from a, *gasp*, FUCKING TURKEY!!

Look, I think veganism is noble. I don't have the willpower for it. Cows taste too good. Anyone who can dedicate their life to being kind, I can agree with. But c'mon. Plumber Bob from Tucson is not, I repeat not, gonna give up his bratwurst. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. That's how this world works. You pick your side, you live your life to be the best possible you that you can be, and you be an example to others. Let them make an active choice against what they feel is right or wrong with the world. Protest people shooting each other, not a video game where you pluck feathers off of a cartoon turkey.

Anyways. I'm gonna go play Fallout 3, where I will definitely be shooting radiated dogs. And yes, because of PETA, I'm doing it just because they're animals.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mac VS PC; Which side of the force am I on?

In my networking classes, among all of the talks of subnetting and security hacks, one argument always comes up: PC or Mac? It's a hot debate anywhere computing technology is relevant. "It just works" VS "unlimited hardware support". Both have their pros and cons, but I've got a much simpler, direct way to choose what type of computer you should get.

The Star Wars Computer Test

It's pretty simple, just check it out.

(Original trilogy is herein referred to as "OT" and the prequels will be called, well, the prequels.)

In the OT, stuff was dingy, broken, and didn't always work. Sometimes, you had to hit it to make it work. The Millennium Falcon, in particular, was the fastest space vessel in the universe, but it spent most of Empire needing repairs.

Much like a PC.

PC's don't always work, are hiccup-prone, and tend to require a lot of maintenance. They need repairs (patches) a lot. But, much like our space-faring brethren in a galaxy far, far away, when your PC works well, it instills a sense of pride in the one who got it running so smooth.

Macs, on the other hand, are shiny, sexy, and clean. Everything about them screams "well-polished". They're totally designed to be different than anything that came before them.

See the parallel? The prequels were shiny, sexy, clean, and almost too "well-polished". They were created using new, never before scene technology, straight off the bleeding edge of ILM. The films were bright, colorful, and full of the feeling that you were watching something familiar, but brand new.

**SIDE NOTE**I know what everyone is asking now: What about Linux? Two words: Battlestar Galactica. You don't know what it's about and it seems rather cultish and lame until you give it a shot. Then it's fucking awesome and you realize it's got all the potential to be as good as Star Wars.

So where do I fall? I'm OG Star Wars all the way. I like things that need to be worked on and tinkered with. That's my personality. I like to work on things. I think that's why I love my PC. I like figuring out how to get it working the way I want it to. I'm not apposed to Macs, as I would love to have one to use for video editing, I'm just thoroughly planted in the PC camp for now.

Until Macs start powering hyperdrives.

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